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Southwind District

Bourbon County 4-H Clubs


Second Wednesday @ Bourbon County 4-H Building
Contact: Kelli Crystal - (620)754-4574


First Wednesday @ Hiattville Fire Station
Contact: Diane Brillhart - (620)547-2512

Northeast Scott

Second Wednesday @ Hammond Community Center
Contact: Lynette Westhoff - (620-756-4693)

Northwest Scott

Second Monday @ F.S.C.C. Heritage Room
Contact: Rachel Wagner - (620)547-2233


Second Sunday @ Uniontown City Hall
Contact: Angela Nading -  (620)224-6242


Bourbon County 4-H Scholarships

2017 Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application (word)(pdf)

Fred and Doris Fink Scholarship (Complete the Kansas 4-H Scholarship Form)

Fort Scott Community College & 4-H Partnership (pdf)


Agent Staff

Jennifer K. Murphy

Jennifer K. Murphy
Southwind Extension District Agent, 4-H Youth Development
Southwind District
Erie Extension Office
100 S. Main - Courthouse
Erie, KS 66733

Phone: 620-244-3826
Fax: 620-244-3829