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Southwind District

Southwind District 4-H Enrollment

Extension Board Policy:

UPDATE: All 4-H members must be enrolled in the 4Honline system before December 1, 2018

from September 29, 2011 Extension Board Meeting Minutes

“Youth must be age 7 and enrolled for the current program year by January 1, in order to participate in competitive events and be eligible for competitive scholarships. Youth who are 5-6 years old by January 1, may be enrolled in our Cloverbud program. Youth will be allowed to join 4-H after January 1, but will not be ineligible to participate in competitive events or apply for competitive scholarships. Anyone turning 19 before January 1, of the 4-H year will not be eligible to join the 4-H program. The latest to drop or add a project for all members will be May 1st.

Guide Books

4HOline Enrollment Guide for New Families

4HOline Reenrollment Guide for Returning Families

Project Selection Guide

Having trouble selecting projects? Well, Kansas 4-H has a guide to help!

Printer Friendly Project Selection Guide

How to be a 4-H'er

Enrollment to be a member in 4-H is online and can be accessed by the 4HOnline website (ks.4honline.com). Once enrollment is submitted, staff will review it and accept it. Should there be a question regarding enrollment, staff will send an email and wait to accept enrollment. It is important to make sure that the email used as a login for the family profile is one that is checked often. 4-H’ers who are 14 years and older and express the desire to be a Junior Project Leader, must complete the Volunteer Screening Requirements. Adults who serve as Community Club Leaders and Project Leaders must do the same. Please refer to the Volunteers tab under 4-H Youth Development on the left.