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Southwind District

Allen County 4-H Scholarships

Allen County 4-H Council Event Scholarship (for members in good standing)

Kansas 4-H State Scholarship Opportunities~ Refer to the College and Education Issue of the Kansas 4-H Journal - January, 2011

Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application Evaluation Form (Word) (PDF)

Gwen E. Wilson Memorial Scholarship ($500 for Kansas State University only)

Miles Kissinger Memorial Scholarship ($500 for Allen Community College only)


Bourbon County 4-H Scholarships

 Fred and Doris Fink Scholarship (use the 2017 Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application (word)(pdf))


Neosho County 4-H Scholarships

Copeland Scholarship Application

State 4-H Scholarship

2017 Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application (word)(pdf))

Kansas 4-H Scholarships Provided By Generous Donors to the Kansas 4-H Foundation