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Southwind District

4-H Day

Speaking skillfully before an audience is one of the hallmarks that Kansas 4-H members have been successfully doing for over 100 years. Kansas youth through 4-H have learned the skills necessary to get up before an audience and eloquently speak. 4-H has helped youth learn the skills necessary to clearly organize and present thoughts and ideas through project talks, demonstrations, illustrated talks and public speaking presentations. The complete Kansas 4-H communication fact sheet series is listed below. These may be helpful to Kansas 4-H families as they begin to prepare for county 4-H day presentations.

2019 4-H Day Registration

2019 Regional 4-H Day Guidelines

Kansas 4-H Communication Fact Sheet Series:

4-H Presentation Overview - 4H978, October 2009
4-H Project Talks - 4H979, October 2009
4-H Demonstrations - 4H980, October 2009
4-H Illustrated Talks - 4H982, October 2009
4-H Demonstrated & Illustrated Talks Planning Form - 4H981, October 2009
4-H Public Speaking - 4H983, October 2009
4-H Effective Presentation Tips - 4H984, October 2009
4-H Preparing and Using Visual Aids - 4H985, October 2009
4-H Presentation Brainstorming Activity - 4H986, October 2009

Presentation Score Sheets:

4-H Project Talk Score Sheet - 4H975, October 2009
4-H Demonstration & Illustrated Talk Score Sheet - 4H976, October 2009
4-H Public Speaking Score Sheet - 4H977, October 2009