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Southwind District

Parent and Guardian Roles

Parents and guardians have a vital role in 4-H as they should provide encouragement and support for members to complete their 4-H club work including project work.  4-H leaders and extension professionals may interest youth in becoming members, but it takes the parents' and guardians' good will and support to keep them interested, enthusiastic, and active.  Remember, "excitement is caught, not taught", and is true in many places, including 4-H.  A child's attitude and accomplishments are strongly influenced by parental attitudes.  Benefits and responsibilities of a 4-h parent or guardian are overviewed below.

Benefits of Being a 4-H Parent/Guardian

  • Watch your child learn a multitude of life skills in a positive learning environment
  • Participate in a youth organization that values family time and encourages families to work together
  • Share you passion and interests while mentoring youth
  • Provide a safe way for your child to learn how to fail and achieve
  • Make lifelong friends for both you and your child
  • Learn something new when attending club & project meeting

Responsibilities of 4-H Parents/Guardians

  • Provide/arrange transportation for your children
  • Show interest and give encouragement
  • Provide any materials and equipment your child may need
  • See that your child finishes as well as starts their projects
  • Support and assist 4-H leaders
  • Check correspondence for events and deadlines
  • Make 4-H a family affair by getting the whole family involved
  • Remember that youth development is the mission and work should be completed by the children

Parents Committee in a 4-H Club

Healthy, thriving 4-H clubs usually have a strong 4-H Parents Committee.  This committee can relieve some of the responsibilities typically taken on by te club's leaders.  it helps keep parents involved in all aspects of the club, as well as providing assistance, advice and counsel to the 4-H club leader.  Goals for this committee include but are not limited to:

  • Identify and recruit volunteer leaders including club and project leaders
  • Ensure the club has the necessary leadership to provide positive learning experiences
  • Meet regularly to decide how your efforts can complement each other
  • Assist the club by giving advice, making recommendations, providing support and assuming important adult leadership roles
  • Promote membership expansion while showcasing 4-H to the public in your community
  • Help with award application evaluations
  • Provide positive orientation and training to new 4-H families
  • Assist with club conflict resolution and management