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Southwind District

Woodson County 4-H


Second Sunday - St. Joseph's Parish in Yates Center @ 4:00
Contact:  Beth Wille - beth.wille@gmail.com

Eager Beavers

Second Wednesday - Old School House North of Yates Center Hwy. 75 @ 7:30
Contact:  Jay Weseloh - jay.weseloh55@gmail.com


Second Wednesday - Bressner hall in Yates Center @ 7:00
Contact:  John Pringle - sekcat@gmail.com

Woodson County 2018 - 2019 4-H Council

President:  Jordan Weseloh
Vice President:  Krais Baker
Secretary/Treasurer:  Emery Yoho
Reporter:  Cody Wille
Fair Board Representatives:  Aidan Yoho
Club representatives: Clayton Culver, Asher Sievers, Jack King, and Madelyn Proper

Woodson County 4-H Scholarships

2019 Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application

Jennifer K. Terrell
Southwind Extension District Agent, 4-H Youth Development
Erie Extension Office
111 South Butler
Erie, KS 66733