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Southwind District

Crops and Soils

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Crop Performance Data

K-State Weather Data Library


2019 Dicamba Training

Dicamba training and certification must be completed annually.  Information regarding both can be found here.


Pesticide Applicator Licensing

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Guidelines

To legally apply any pesticide (even lawn fertilizers with herbicides) for compensation, you must have a Kansas Pesticide Business License and at least one employee with a Kansas Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification in the appropriate category. Information about Commercial Applicator Licensing is available at the Kansas Department of Agriculture web site.

Kansas Department of Agriculture Pesticide & Fertilizer Program

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training Manual Order Form

Private Pesticide Applicator Guidelines

Below you will find instructions/guidelines on how to become certified as a Private Pesticide Applicator, how to renew your certification, or renewing your certification through a CD-Rom program. Please select the one that pertains to your needs.

Private Pesticide Applicator Certification (doc)

Private Pesticide Applicator Renewal (doc)

Private Applicator Renewal Using CD-ROM (doc)

The test to become certified as a Private Pesticide Applicator is open book and can be taken at any Kansas County Extension Office. The test normally takes two to three hours to complete. We recommend reading the manual before taking the test.

Private Pesticide Applicator Manual (pdf)

Private Pesticide Applicator Manual on CD User's Guide (pdf)

Restricted Use Pesticides

A private pesticide applicator license is required for purchasing restricted use pesticides. Refer to Restricted Use Pesticides in Kansas to find out which pesticides are on the restricted use list.


Krista Harding
Southwind Extension District Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Horticulture
Erie Extension Office
Phone: 620-244-3826

Carla Nemecek
Southwind Extension District Director, Agriculture
Iola Office
Phone: 620-365-2242