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Southwind District

Yearly Events

Citizenship In Auction:  Held in February - Would you like to have more influence in laws and rules that affect your life? Then you’ll want to go to Kansas 4-H Citizenship in Action! This two day event is sponsored by the State 4-H Youth Leadership Council.

Discovery Days:  Last week of May/First week of June - Discovery Days offers classes and tours about 4-H projects, careers, hobbies, community service and more!

Sunny Hills Camp:  On rotation for June - Camping creates memories of fun-filled days. Attending summer camp can be a time for experiencing nature and the outdoors, making new friends, and learning life skills.

Campference:  Held in June - 4-H Campference will feature workshops about opportunities in the 4-H program and how to better interact with others.

Kansas Youth Leadership Forum (KYLF): Held in Nonvember full weekend before Thanksgiving - Come and build your leadership skills and potential through workshops, consulting groups, inspirational speakers and more.

Kansas State Fair: Held the second through the 3 weekend Of September - Kansas 4-H projects provide members positive ways to learn as they complete their projects. Fairs are also one way to exhibit and showcase what skills 4-H members have learned throughout the year.

For More Information www.kansas4-h.org

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