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Southwind District

Owl Hour

Owl Hour is a once a month gathering for retired individuals to learn, socialize and expand their horizons. Each session will last approximately an hour. We will be bringing programs and education in a relaxed and fun environment to promote socialization for retired individuals in our district's.

Gatherings will happen in Yates Center on Monday, Uniontown on Tuesday, LaHarpe on Wednesday and Erie on Thursday on the second full week of the month @ 10:00 A.M.

Activities included are fun and educational events like container gardening, fraud awareness, cooking for one or two, bonding with grandkids through boardgames, and much more!  These events will be held with the hope of battling the ongoing problem of social isolation within our aging population. Hopefully these gatherings become a launching point for the retired community to socialize and grow in our community!

Monday - Yates Center - The Town Hall, 201 S. Main
Tuesday - Uniontown - Uniontown Community Center (in City Hall), 206 Sherman St.
Wednesday - LaHarpe - LaHarpe Community Center (in City Hall), 902 S. Washington
Thursday - Erie - Neosho Valley Event Center, 321 N. Wood St.

OWLHolle  Hollie Yoho (620-625-8620)