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Forage, Soil, and Water Testing Prices

Basic Soil Test (ph, P, K) - $9.50 + Shipping

Recommended Soil Test (ph, P, K, OM, Zn) - $17.50 + Shipping

Plant Nitrates (Feed Toxicity) Test - $8.75 + Shipping

Prussic Acid Test - $14.50 + Shipping

Feed Protein Content Test - $8.25 + Shipping

Feed Nutritive Values Test - $13.50-34.00 + Shipping

Livestock Water Quality Test - $48.00 + Overnight Shipping

Blue-Green Algae Test - $30 + Overnight Shipping

Pesticide Applicator Licensing

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Guidelines

To legally apply any pesticide (even lawn fertilizers with herbicides) for compensation, you must have a Kansas Pesticide Business License and at least one employee with a Kansas Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification in the appropriate category. Information about Commercial Applicator Licensing is available at the Kansas Department of Agriculture web site.

Kansas Department of Agriculture Pesticide & Fertilizer Program

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training Manual Order Form

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