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Southwind District

Current Livestock Information

Cow/Calf Winter Feeding Strategies!

Livestock Resources

KSU Beef


Kansas Farm Management Association

Animal Comfort Index

KSU Youth Livestock

Beef Cattle Institute

K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

Kansas Hay Market
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Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Markets

Printable Cow Calf Record Book

Forage, Soil, and Water Testing Prices

Basic Soil Test (ph, P, K) - $7.25 + Shipping

Recommended Soil Test (ph, P, K, OM, Zn) - $13.25 + Shipping

Plant Nitrates (Feed Toxicity) Test - $7.50 + Shipping

Prussic Acid Test - $14.50 + Shipping

Feed Protein Content Test - $6.25 + Shipping

Feed Nutritive Values Test - $13.50-34.00 + Shipping

Livestock Water Quality Test - $48.00 + Overnight Shipping

Blue-Green Algae Test - $30 + Overnight Shipping
(Additional test may be needed to confirm toxicity)

Hunter Nickell Picture

Hunter Nickell
Southwind Extension District
Livestock Production Agent
Iola Office
Phone: 620-365-2242