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Southwind District

Farming and Agriculture News Articles

Tips for Safe and Successful Prescribed Burning This Season

Adding Residual Herbicides to your Corn-Herbicide Programs

Understanding Internal Parasites in Beef Cattle

Considerations for Native Grass Management

Finding the Best Deals for Feed and Forage

Feeding Hay During a Drought

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Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Returns to Kansas

Ammoniating Wheat Straw

Managing Cattle During Drought Conditions

Managing Farm and Ranch Stress

Weaning Calves

Management Considerations for Late Planted Wheat

Vitamin A Deficiency

Chemical Control of Honey Locust and Other Brush Species

Teaching the Importance of Farm to Fork

Planting Green and Rolling Beans

Uses for Straw

Controlled Pasture Burns

Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Raising Cattle

Forage Testing