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Southwind District

Community Vitality

What differentiates a thriving community from one that struggles?  What formula can be employed by communities to increase their chances of long term vitality and growth?  Through the exploration of key community and economic development interests like leadership, workforce development, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, community planning, and disaster preparedness, Extension agents discover and share evidence-based and promising practices that build upon existing strengths, while responding to community concerns. 

Through various programs, our Extension agents offer a variety of engagement opportunities to help communities not just survive but prosper.  We can help your community become a better place to live, work, and play.

Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Event

Amanda Clasen, our Community Vitality Agent, recently ran her first Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, held in Partnership with Allen County E-Communities in conjunction with Humboldt High School!


For Full Event Description Click HERE!!

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Amanda Clasen
Southwind Extension District
Community Vitality Agent
Erie Office
Phone: 620-244-3826

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