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Your Family

The dynamics of many families has had big changes since the outbreak of Covid-19, and will continue to change as we navigate our way through the new normal. 

Resources are available for a variety of topics and activities for your family. 

Halloween and COVID-19

Do you get lots of trick-or-treaters for Halloween?  This year might be a little different.  Is it safe for kids to take candy from strangers during a pandemic?

First and foremost, follow your community guidelines.  Know the keys to keep healthy, avoid crowds, wash your hands, wear a face covering.  The look of face coverings might be quite creative this Halloween!  Even if you are outside, you may still be around a lot of other goblins, so wear those masks.  Small groups are better than large groups.  Designate one person to hand out treats that are individually wrapped.  Don't let the goblins dig into the bowl.  Have hand sanitizer available for anyone to use.


Host a trunk-or-treat event and put extra space between cars to thin out the crowd.  A Halloween drive-by parade in the neighborhood could be a spooky treat!

There is no need to wipe down the treat packaging.  After trick-or-treating, wash your hands before snacking on those treats.

Above all, have fun and be safe!

Information on this article is from Karen Blakeslee, M.S., of K-State Research and Extension Rapid Response Center.

Bonding through Board Games

Board games have had a resurgence of popularity.  If you haven't played one lately, now's the time to sit down with your family and play an old favorite, or try out a new one.  Learn all about board games here.

Resilient Relationships

Relationships can be tricky, sometimes, and stressful, too.  Throw in something like Covid-19, and you might have the potential for serious issues.  These fact sheets have helpful information to avoid disaster.

Surviving Thriving During Quarantine

Family Coping Techniques

Food Planning

Make sure that you have everything you need to serve healthy meals!  This guide from www.choosemyplate.gov has tips on food planning, as well as food-related activities for your family.

In Case You Missed It - News Releases

Online Resource Can Help Organize Family Records

Are groceries safe to bring home?

Kitchen Food Safety Tips

Food Packaging and the Coronavirus



Joy Miller
Southwind District Extension Agent, Adult Development and Aging & Family Resource Management
Fort Scott Office
Phone: 620-223-3720


Barbara Stockebrand

Southwind Extension District Agent, Adult Development and Aging
Yates Center Office
Phone: 620-625-8620