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Southwind District

Events in and around Southwind Extension District

Check this page often to see what classes and events are being offered by our "Knowledge for Life" Extension agents!

StoryWalk - June 12 thru August 7


Join the fun at Yates Center Elementary School, Erie Public Library, and Humboldt Public Library!  Families get to be outside, read, and be physically active together.  Plus, your child might learn something new as you read story books focused on money, how to spend it, save it, and earn it. The book schedule and discussion guide is available here.

County Fairs

Allen County

Bourbon County

Neosho County

Woodson County


Agriculture / Horticulture / Livestock


4-H Entry Deadline July 15th.                                              

Click here for forms and information.                                    


4-H Entry Deadline August 15th.

Click here for forms and information.


Family & Consumer Science

No events scheduled at this time