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Southwind District

Erie Office

111 South Butler
Erie, KS 66733
Fax:  620-244-3829

Fort Scott Office

210 South National
Fort Scott, KS 66701
Fax:  620-223-0332

Iola Office

We've moved!
1006 N. State St.
Iola, KS 66749
Fax:  620-365-7944

Yates Center Office

211 W. Butler
Yates Center, KS  66783
Fax:  620-625-8645



Newspaper Articles

Articles will appear above the icons for two weeks before "filing" them below.  Articles relating to specific events will be deleted upon the registration deadline or event date.

Be Prepared: Protect Your Personal Finances

September is Suicide Prevention Month

Advanced Premium Tax Credit Automatic Increases

4-H Dairy Project

Fall Vegetable Gardening

Back to School Routine

Chemical Control of Honey Locust and Other Brush Species

Annual Flowers Need Attention to Keep Blooming

As Parents Get Older

The County Fair

Too Hot for Your Health?

The Bagworm Invation Has Begun

Got Kids?  Advance Child Tax Credit & Scams


Aging AmericansCommunityFamily

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4-H articles will be found under "Family".

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