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Southwind District

Master Food Volunteers

The Kansas Master Food Volunteer (MFV) provides a foundation of knowledge to volunteers in the subject areas of food safety, food science, food preparation, and food preservation.  The program allows people with interests in food, cooking, and nutrition to take their expertise to a higher level while developing new avenues for helping in the community.  The Master Food Volunteer program utilizes the expertise of nutritionists, registered dietitians, food scientists and culinary experts to train volunteers.
For questions: Clara Misenhelter @ 620-365-2242

MFVMFV Training Lab in Humboldt

MFVMFVMFVBreadmaking Workshop in Chanute


Advantages & Rewards of the Master Food Volunteer Program

  • Multiplies expertise in a subject
  • Builds strong support base
  • Allows extension educators to focus on in-depth training
  • Enables extension educators to devote resources to issue-based programs
  • Increases self-esteem of the volunteer
  • Provides volunteer hours to support extension programming