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Southwind District

Master Gardener Program

Master Gardener logoThe purpose of the Southwind Extension Master Gardener Program is to provide opportunities for gardening enthusiasts to expand their knowledge of horticulture and to actively share that knowledge with the community.

Master Gardener Brochure


2018 Extension Master Gardener Program Graduates

Front Row (L to R): Jim Tallman, Liberty; Donetta Davis, Chanute; Naomi Weide, Iola; Kim Bartlett, Humboldt and Sheryl McCoy, Erie

Middle Row (L to R): Jan Swalley, Chanute; Mary Weber, Yates Center; Nancy Isaac, Chanute; Karen Works, Humboldt; Howard Mukwindidza, Iola; Alisha Mueller, Humboldt

Back Row (L to R): Nancy Kelley, Yates Center; Alison Mih, Chanute; Julie Aikins, Chanute; Thomas Harris, Chanute; Bill Hoyt, Garland; Glenna Wulf, Humboldt; Sam Robison, Virgil and Clara Schofield, Fort Scott