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Master Gardener Program

Extension Master Gardeners are a vital part of K-State Research and Extension.  The Master Gardener program is a volunteer program in which K-State Research and Extension "trades" classroom training for volunteer time.

Anyone with an interest in horticulture can apply for the Extension Master Gardener Program.  If you want to improve your skills and knowledge and you like to work with people, the Extension Master Gardener Program may be for you!

Enjoy sharing your love of gardening with others through various Extension Master Gardener projects.  Volunteer time during 2018 totaled 103,736 hours with an average of 74 hours donated per volunteer.  This is equivalent to 50 full time extension staff positions and is estimated to be worth $2,340,284.

Another class will be added this fall.  Details will be posted on this page when they become available.  Watch for details on our Facebook page, too.          

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