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Southwind District

Allen County Fair - July 25 - July 29, 2024

Allen County Fair Book

Style Revue Information

Buymanship/Constructed Style Revue Form

Clothing and Textiles Scorecard

Photograph Mounting Instructions 

Horse ID Certificate (Revised 2023)

FairEntry link for Allen County:



State & County fair rule changes calculating frostings and fillings new for 2023: below is KSRE food specialist Karen Blakeslee's training video which provides step by step instructions with screen shots of 4 different methods you can use to calculate. A safe recipe must have 65% sugar.

Here are the 4 methods to calculate and show the judge:

  1. Use a kitchen scale, using grams.
  2. Ingredient Weight Chart: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/learn/ingredient-weight-chart
  3. Recipe Converter: https://bakingcalculators.com/
  4. Use Google to find the ingredient household measurement to convert to grams and continue with calculation