2024 County Fair Dates

Allen County - July 25 thru July 29

Bourbon County - July 15 thru July 19

Neosho County - July 25 thru July 29

Woodson County - July 17 thru July 22

Crawford Family Kitchenaid Mixer 4-H Challenge

Crawford Family

Project Scorecards

Want to learn about what the judge will look for while conference judging your exhibit at the county fair. Look no further than the 4-H Exhibit Area Downloads at this link: https://www.kansas4-h.org/events-activities/fairs/kansas-state-fair/index.html. You will also find the Kansas State Fair Book at the top of the page. Those in the STEM projects will want to utilize the Kansas State Fair Book and the scorecards to make sure projects are meeting requirements.

Kansas State Fair

Please visit this link to make sure you have all of the scoresheets/forms and information you will need to attach to your exhibit: https://www.kansas4-h.org/events-activities/fairs/kansas-state-fair/index.html The fair book will have a description, but below that are each project area and the requirements to prepare it for the KSF. Please read it carefully!

Kansas State Fair Static/Indoor entry collection forms will be due to your local Extension Office by August 10th. Entries eligible for the Kansas State Fair will be projects that received a purple ribbon and are of manageable size for one person to carry. Project areas that are an exception to this are Visual Arts due to a limitation on the number to exhibit per county, so the Extension Office will let you know. Buymanship, is also an exception, where only the Champion Senior Girls and Boys categories are eligible.

Actual exhibits are DUE to your local Extension Office by September 6th at 12:00 P.M., dropping off exhibits can begin on August 30th. Extension staff will be leaving early to make sure that your items arrive on time for judging. Please make sure you have attached any information or scoresheets that must accompany your exhibit, we will take care of the entry card!

Good luck to ALL Southwind youth at the fair!



    Kansas Department of Agriculture has changed the requirements on having poultry tested for County Fairs. For birds exhibited at the county fair in the Southwind Extension District that originate from Kansas do not need to be tested before the fair until 2027. Birds will then be tested every 5 years. Now, if your bird comes from out of state you will be required to test within 90 days of the fair.