Neosho County Fair - July 25 - July 29, 2024

2024: "Unveiling Potential, Unleashing Heroes" Fair Book

2024 Open Class Fairbook - Coming Soon!!

FairEntry link for Neosho County - Coming Soon!!

Helpful Forms:

Narration Template

Fashion Revue/Style Revue Entry Form

Clothing and Textiles Scorecard

Fiber Arts score cards

Photograph Mounting Instructions

Horse ID Certificate (Revised 2023)

Neosho County Fair Royalty

Royalty Contest Rules

Royalty Contest Questionaire


State & County fair rule changes calculating frostings and fillings new for 2023: below is KSRE food specialist Karen Blakeslee's training video which provides step by step instructions with screen shots of 4 different methods you can use to calculate. A safe recipe must have 65% sugar.

Calculating Frostings & Fillings

Frosting/Filling Worksheet

Here are the 4 methods to calculate and show the judge:

  1. Use a kitchen scale, using grams.
  2. Ingredient Weight Chart:
  3. Recipe Converter:
  4. Use Google to find the ingredient household measurement to convert to grams and continue with calculation